“Congratulations on Pass the Polenta. You must be pleased indeed, and I wish you great success with the publication.” –Julia Child


“Among the many cookbooks-as-memoirs…the one I like best is Teresa Lust’s Pass the Polenta, a beautifully written, deeply affecting collection of essays by a one-time professional chef who cooks not for money but love.”

–Terry Teachout, The Baltimore Sun.


“How appropriately named is Teresa Lust—her passion for food is in every word of her evocative Pass the Polenta. I’d like to be at the table when her platters come around.”

– Frances Mayes, author of Under the Tuscan Sun


“Charming….Written with wit and grace, seasoned with a pinch of her family’s history, and flavored with snippets of culinary lore, each essay is a delight to read….The perfect choice for readers who enjoy culinary writings by authors such as Laurie Colwin or Elizabeth David. Highly recommended.”

–Library Journal


“Like Laurie Colwin and MFK Fisher before her…Teresa Lust goes gunning for haute cuisine....[A] hearty collection of essays on food and family.”

–Los Angeles Times


 “Some of the finest writing on food and cooking in print,”

–Lori Kranz, The Bloomsbury Review


“Like all good food, Teresa Lust’s writing is simple, memorable, and absolutely delicious. This is a book as rewarding when sitting before the fire as it is standing in the kitchen.”

–John Mariani, author of How Italian Food Conquered the World


“Her writing is up there with MFK Fisher and deserves accolades and much success.”

–Doris Reynolds, Naples Daily News


“Your mouth will water from start to finish….An abundance of sensual delight in good home cooking.”

–Arizona Republic


“A delightful excursion into the delicious world of contemplating food….Lust’s mild irreverence, chatty style, and sense of history and family make Pass the Polenta a book to keep at your fingertips….Like MFK Fisher, the doyenne of contemplative food writing, Lust has enormous respect for her subject, but she has fun with it, giggling now and then.”

–ForeWord Magazine


“A joy to read whether you cook or not.”

–Susan Sprague Yeske Trenton, NJ Times

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