A Blissful Feast – AVAILABLE NOW

A delicious journey through Italy and a celebration of the relationship between family and food.


Moving from the Italian Piedmont to the Maremma and then to Le Marche, chef Teresa Lust interweaves portraits of the people who served as her culinary guides with cultural and natural history in this charming exploration of authentic Italian cuisine.


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Pass the Polenta

Pass the Polenta is a collection of essays about home cooking, which is to say it's a book about home and family and tradition and the unspoken connectedness that comes of people pushing their knees under a table and passing plates of food back and forth.




The Bread of Kings (Alimentum)

An excerpt from my forthcoming book. The Bread of Kings is an account of the history and lore of Grissini, the classic Italian breadstick.




Italian Horticultural and Culinary Records of Summer Squash Italian horticultural and culinary records of summer squash (Cucurbita pepo, Cucurbitaceae) and emergence of the zucchini in 19th-century Milan (Annals of Botany)

Leafing through my vintage Italian cookbooks for recipes using squash blossoms leads to an unexpected collaboration with an American-Israeli horticulturalist on the Italian origins of zucchini.



An interview by Jeremy Cherfas of the podcast Eat This, who wanted the back story after our zucchini research appeared in the Annals of Botany of Oxford University Press.




Still Life with Frittata (Gastronomica)

A survey of the Frittata, an Italian Omelet, in literature, film, and art.




Horse Chestnuts for Luck (Mother Earth Living)

A look into the lore and traditional medicinal uses of horse chestnuts.




The Librarians of Alexandria (translator)

"Winner of the Zerilli-Marimo Prize . . . Lavagnino successfully evokes the sights, smells, and sounds of her characters' surroundings, particularly Rome and Palermo as seen through a child's eyes." — Library Journal.


"Teresa Lust's translation is lyrical." — New York Times Book Review


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